Kids Room
This is essentially a break-out room for young children and their parents.  If your loved one(s) are getting bored and restless, this is the place to burn some energy and do something they will find fun for a while.

The room contains a Craft Corner with art supplies, a Reading Corner to curl up with a good book, and assorted toys for children of all ages to make use of.  You are welcome to bring food and drink in, as well as your own toys etc.

You will also find some emergency cleaning supplies in the cupboard, a first aid kit, and drinking water.

The room is not a child-minding service, more like a playgroup.  Children must be supervised at all times and parents/guardians are responsible for any damage.  Most items in the room are on loan from local parents, we’d like to return them in good condition, and the hotel will charge a fee for any damage to their property.

Please ensure that items provided in the room stay there, they are not for borrowing.  Clean up any mess and tidy away toys after use so that the room remains a pleasant place for the next family that makes use of it.

The room is available for use at all times when the convention is running.  In addition, a few special activities have been scheduled in there.  These are very relaxed and informal programm items,  you can still use the room as a general relaxation area at the same time (for values of relaxation that may involve a horde of under-5’s screaming and chasing bubbles).

Just as all children must be accompanied by an adult, all adults in the room must be accompanied by a child.  This is the kids room after all.

Convention Guide for Parents
Attending a con with your kids is a very different experience to attending on your own, at least until they become young adults themselves.  With young children in tow you won’t get to see and do all the things you otherwise might have, but sharing the experience with them and seeing it through new eyes is a joy all of its own.  You’re not so much attending a convention with your family, as spending time with your family at a convention.

Continuum aims to run a broadly PG rated program, anything adult will be clearly marked in the program guide.  PG does of course mean that your parental guidance and supervision is still required, children should never be left unsupervised in any part of the convention, or outside of it (including hotel rooms).

You are responsible for your children in the convention space, which includes ensuring no damage is caused, and that everyone is able to share and enjoy the space.  The hotel will charge for any damage or cleanup required, dealers are entitled to do the same.  Some of the main traffic areas are relatively narrow so they need to be kept clear, and areas around panel discussions aren’t a good place for noisy play.

Sitting in panels isn’t much fun for young kids and even the most accommodating will lose patience with you eventually.  They deserve to have fun as well.  This doesn’t have to mean you spend the whole convention in the kids room though.

Plan ahead, pick a small number of must-see items for yourself in the program, and if necessary make arrangements for your kids to be supervised while you enjoy them. Tag-team with your partner, enlist the help of friends, or even arrange a baby-sitting exchange with other parents you met in the children’s room.  Just be realistic about how much your children will be able to cope with, and the possibility that your best-laid plans will not survive contact with over-excited and over-tired offspring.

You’ll also find some things which may be suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.  Visit the Dealers Room and Auction (maybe give the kids some spending money), go to the Maskobalo, spend time in the Games Room, check out some at-con activities and workshops.

Also consider taking a break and check out some of the other activities and attractions in Melbourne, we’ve listed a few below to get you started.

Things To Do Nearby