Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Some people are afraid of superstitions, but here at Continuum we celebrate them. Whether the things that scare you in the dark are from the bottom of your staircase or the darkness of space, we hope to have something to appeal to you.

Continuum is Melbourne’s annual fan run speculative fiction and pop culture convention. Continuum celebrates creativity across genres and media. Our aim each year is to provide a regional convention where writers, artists, readers and film/TV buffs of all kinds can get together for a weekend of panel discussions, entertainment, and social fun. In 2017 the convention will be held over the Queens Birthday Long Weekend June 9th -12th.

In 2017 Continuum is also the 56th Australian National Science Fiction Convention which means that we will be hosting fans not only from across the state, but across the country.

The Guest of Honour for Continuum 13 will be Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant.

Continuum 13 will again be held at The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

What happens at a convention?

If you’ve never been to a convention like Continuum before, each day features discussion panels where writers, artists and fans talk about subjects related to speculative fiction, whether that’s writing tips on creating dystopias to debating the best Dr Who episode.

Alongside the panels, we host book launches, informal coffee catch-ups with guests of honor and our epic Maskobalo, a Saturday night fancy dress extravaganza. It’s a great way to meet like minded people, and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise informally outside of the main events.

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