Our current venue, Hotel Jasper, is still in  the  free  tram  zone,  but  only  just!  If you  are outside of the CBD,  you  will need  a  Myki.  You  can  purchase  a  Myki  at:

  • Victoria  Market  Pharmacy
  • Elizabeth  Supermarket/Convenience  Store  (right  across  the  road)
  • 7 Eleven  Vic  Market  (virtually  next  door)
  • Victoria  Market  Tattslotto

Here  at  the  Jasper,  our  nearest  public  transport  routes  are  tram  lines:

  • 19 (North  Coburg Flinders  Street  Station)
  • 57 (West  MaribyrnongFlinders  Street)
  • 59  (Airport  West Flinders  St) running along Elizabeth  St,  and
  • 55  (West  Coburg–Domain  Interchange)  along  Peel St.

Our  nearest  train  stations  are  Flagstaff  Station  and Melbourne  Central.

The  nearest  ATMs  to  Continuum  are  in  the  Queen  Victoria  Market  (QVM)  but  on  weekends the  queues  to  get  to  them  can  be  daunting.  We recommend  using a  banking app  on  your smartphone  to  find  the  nearest  ATMs.

At the Queen Victoria Market, you can find lots of fresh produce for your breakfast/lunch (both in the produce section, Deli Hall, and String Bean Alley – although the String Bean Alley shops are largely not accessible by wheelchair), coffee locations, food halls, and many more wonderful features. The market will be open on Friday (6am-3/5pm), Saturday (6am-3pm), and Sunday (9am-4pm). Of course, you may decide that you want ready-made meals and the 24/7 McDonalds next door would just be too much McDonalds for one weekend. Here are some suggestions from us at Continuum!

  • Borek Shop – Deli Hall, QVM
  • Bratwurst Shop & Co – Deli Hall, QVM
  • Café Ren – Deli Hall, QVM
  • Market Lane Coffee – Deli Hall, QVM
  • The Traditional Pasta Shop – Deli Hall, QVM
  • American Doughnut – Queen St, QVM
  • Dutch Pancakes – Queen St, QVM
  • Mr Burger – 93 Therry St
  • The Borek Bakehouse – 481 Elizabeth St
  • CY Sushi & Noodle – 471 Elizabeth St
  • Subway – 463 Elizabeth St
  • Menya Ramen – 439 Elizabeth St
  • Pie Face – 415 Elizabeth St
  • Wing Loong Chinese Restaurant – 512 Elizabeth St
  • Classic Curry – 597 Elizabeth St
  • La Porchetta – 308 Victoria St

You can also travel north to Lygon Street, but we can only recommend that if you want to take more than the hour meal break – and who wants to miss out on our wonderful programming?

If you want to head to a park/open space for some chill out time, Flagstaff Gardens is around a 10min walk away. You can cut through QVM to get there, or go down Franklin St to Williams St.