Code of Conduct violations are a reality at all conventions, including Continuum. If you experience or witness any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, or that you think violates the code of conduct, we encourage you to come and talk to us about it. All reports will be treated confidentially.
Approach a C14 committee member, C14 co-chairs or the ConFound chair.
You can approach committee members in person, or contact them via email to arrange a meeting.

  • This year members of the committee have pink strips of card as identifiers across the top of their membership badge. There will always be a committee member available at reg desk, but you are
    also able to approach other committee members if you feel more comfortable.
  • If you have an issue regarding a member of the committee, you can contact the chairs of the convention directly. This year they are Sarah Bassett and Edie “Brie” Hawthorne. They can be contacted at
  • If your issue is with the chairs, or you would like to have it dealt with outside of committee, you can contact the chair of the Continuum Foundation, Tole Canal, at Please note the chair of Continuum Foundation will be off-site for this convention.

    You can also do so online at

    What happens after you report a code of conduct violation?

Our first priority is always for the comfort and safety of our members. When you approach us with an issue, we will find a location and person suitable for further discussion. If you would feel more comfortable talking to someone from a particular gender or background we can arrange this for you. You are more than welcome to bring a support person at any point in the process.

Our committee member will go over the incident with you. They will not judge you, and will help you with what your options in relation to the convention are from here.

If you wish to make a formal report, they will take down details of what happened. They may ask you for questions such as exactly when and where, and who else was around. Any details we make in a formal report will only be discussed between the Continuum, and Continuum Foundation committees. Names and specific details will only be shared on a need to know basis.

Regardless of if you wish to make a specific report or not, we will discuss what you would like to happen next. What form this may take will depend on the nature of the incident. But some examples include:

  • If someone has been making you feel uncomfortable by following you around the convention, we can speak to them on your behalf, and make sure trusted people stay with you to ensure this doesn’t continue.
  • If someone has made an inappropriate comment, we can discuss the incident with them. For repeat offenders we will consider other options, including not placing them on programming, or refusing
    entry to the convention.
  • If someone has committed assault, or is otherwise a severe threat, we can ask they leave the convention and refuse them entry at future Continuum events. If this is a reportable offense we can
    also support you in reporting this to the police if you have not already done so. We encourage reporting all serious events to the authorities.

We will always take your wishes into account when considering consequences. For incidents that were reported by multiple people or publicly witnessed, we may choose to take actions not discussed with you, but you will be kept informed of any decisions made.